Lateral Filing page 13 Quickvue Files & Drawer Cabinet

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QuickvueTM files An alternative to suspension files Use Quickvue files with your existing filing cabinet drawers and personal pedestal drawers. Simply add a file rack to each drawer. Quickvue is an efficient way to file. The file is made of a sturdy board with an angled tab across the top. Quickvue eliminates the problem of files falling off the metal rails, files bending due to the heavy weight and crystal tabs falling off the top of the files. Each box of Quickvue comes with 50 Quickvue files and 4 sheets of Avery software supported file title labels (total of 72 labels). 166007 50 Quickvue files white FC File rack This file rack fits into a filing cabinet draw. It is required for the initial conversion of your filing cabinet, to support the files. code description colour size 40447 file rack white 500 x 390mm Convert today! It is easy to convert to Quickvue today with our range of conversion filing packages. The range available will allow you to convert your single and four draw fiing cabinet. code description 49997 Quickvue single filing draw cabinet conversion package 1 x 166007– 50 FC Quickvue Files plus file title labels (72 labels) 1 x 40447 file rack 500 x 390mm 49998 Quickvue four draw filing cabinet conversion package 4 x 166007– 200 FC Quickvue files plus file title labels (288 labels) 4 x 40447 file rack 500 x 390mm 1 x 44330 top tab label complete kit Top tab colour code label Designed specifically to use on the top of a file. Can be used on Quickvue files or twin tab files. Colour code labels are available in alpha, umeric and year colours. Available in sheets of 30 labels. Pack includes 5 sheets. Size of label is 20 x 30mm. 444** alphabetical, sheet **01=A to **26=Z **27=Mc, **28=/ 4420* numerical, sheet *0=0 to *9=9 4422* year, sheet *3=03, *4=04, *5=05 43300 top tab label complete kit contains 2 sheets of each alpha, numeric and year code labels

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