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Flip chart (Flipchart) paper pads for presentations and training. We supply these items from 6 locations around Australia dependent on your location. There are 2 main types of flip chart pads - Economy which is a thinner paper and is suitable for most purposes and is a budget paper The second type is Bond paper which is almost the same as photocopier paper at 80 gsm 80gsm paper tends to bleed less and when combine with Mr Sketch Flipchart markers gives a professional result - To see the flipchart markers scroll the index on the left down to flipchart markers. Some of these items are in packs of 10 so as to give a better door to door price If you need help to decide then call us on 1300 659 870 during normal office hours


FlipChart 3M 559 Easel Pads Pack 2 White PLAIN 30 sheets 64cm x78 cm 3M16079017
29% OFF RRP $140.68
FlipChart 3M 559 Easel Pads pack 4  White PLAIN 30 sheets 64cm x78cm
40% OFF RRP $215.36
FlipChart 3M 559 Easl clip EH559 For use with Post it easel pads
22% OFF RRP $19.80
FlipChart 3M 560 Easel Pad White with GRID LINES 30 sheets 640 x 780mm 560 - pack 2
23% OFF RRP $129.50
FlipChart 3M 563R Tabletop Easel PAD 508x584 White Post-it
43% OFF RRP $59.99
Flipchart 3M 566 Post -it® Self-Stick Wall Pad 50.8 cm x 58.4 cm - pack 2 no lines (not ruled)
26% OFF RRP $59.00
FlipChart Easel Pad 561 Lined 3M Post It Super Sticky Yellow 635 x 775mm 30 Sheet - Has lines ruled on it
21% OFF RRP $62.50
Flipchart Pad 20s Bond 80gsm pack 10 semi gloss paper 80gsm 810x580mm
11% OFF RRP $175.56
Flipchart Pad 40s Economy Paper 50gsm Penrite Economy 63 x 89cm 40 Sheets - each
11% OFF RRP $24.02
Flipchart Pad 50s Bond 70gsm Paper 600x850 Quartet QT144445 - this is a pack 2 pads
9% OFF RRP $79.96
Flipchart Pad 50s Economy Paper 50 sheet pad NOBO 19030
26% OFF RRP $33.90
Flipchart Pad 50s Economy Paper Vista VFCPE - per pad + bulk discounts
19% OFF RRP $26.70
Flipchart Pad 50s RECYCLED Paper Q600x850mm pad 50's - pack 2
11% OFF RRP $72.44
Flipchart Pads 50s Bond 75gsm 550x810 Vista VFCP - per pad Bond is a nicer paper and looks good for training and presentations Flip Charts
11% OFF RRP $32.65
Post-It Big Pad Electric Blue 559x559mm BP22B stick it to the wall
32% OFF RRP $49.90
Post-it Notes 152x203 6845-SSPL lined Meetings Rio De Janeiro pack 4 A5
22% OFF RRP $33.05
Whiteboard type Cling on Sheets 685x864 Write On Wipe off Avery 930101 - pack 35
On Sale 20% OFF RRP $111.94