Scotch Giftwrap Tape

Australian Office and Schools Suppliers
Scotch Giftwrap Tape was introduced in 1997, specifi cally for gift-wrapping, the most popular use for tape in the home. It features a ‘satiny’ embossed fi nish that virtually disappears on most gift-wrap paper, leaving all wrapped packages looking seamless.Scotch® Giftwrap tape is available on a roll or in a unique Pop-up Dispenser, that dispenses pre-cut strips one at a time. Scotch® Pop-up tape offers convenient one-handed dispensing.• Unique satin fi nish, disappears on most gift wrap papers.• Dispenses easily, sticks securely.• Unique pop-up system that dispenses pre-cut strips one at a time, just like tissues

Satin Tape dispenser pack 19mmx16.53m 0381897 - box 12
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Tape Scotch Gift Wrap 11S Dispenser 19mm x 5M Card 1
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