Manilla Folders A4 & Foolscap size Australia

Australian Office and Schools Suppliers
Each file is precreased to accommodate up to 25mm of paper. Files are pre-cut to take standard 80mm prong fasteners. Available in straight-cut or tabbed files for easy indexing. Please pick your size then choose you colour A4 is a little smaller thean F/cap. F/cap is the old size but still most people choose this size as there are more colours. 101048xx Manilla Folders Avery A4 all colours Blue Red Yellow Pink Green 10104760 Manilla Folders Avery A4 Buff 81702 10104525 Manilla Folders Foolscap 5th Cut Avery 81557 10104756 Manilla Folders Foolscap Avery Assorted colours 88150 10104775 Manilla Folders Foolscap Avery Buff 81504 310gsm Extra Heavy Weight 101047XX Manilla Folders Foolscap Avery all colours Blue Green Grey Light Blue Light Green Orange Pink Purple Red Yellow 10104770 Manilla Folders Foolscap Avery STD Buff 81502 190023XX Manilla Folders Foolscap Avery with InkJet Labels Assorted 88650 19002371 Manilla Folders Foolscap Avery with Laser Labels Buff Assorted Red or Blue 10104818 Manilla Folders Foolscap Eco Avery Ivory 81500 10300115 Manilla Folders Foolscap ECO STD Tudor 128210 An alternative to lever arch files, Avery files, with built in fasteners, save you valuable space in the office. Manilla files, Buff manilla files Available in a standard, heavy and extra heavy weight thickness. code description size quantity 81502 buff – standard weight* FC 100 88050 buff – standard weight* FC 50 88200 buff – standard weight* FC 20 81504 buff – extra heavy weightn FC 100 81702 buff – standard weight* A4 100 88051 buff – standard weight* FC 10 *Standard weight = 180-210gsm tHeavy weight = 240-250gsm Extra heavy weight = 300-325gsm lSuper weight = 370-380gsm Colour manilla files True bright colours, made from quality, durable board. Board is a true manilla board, making it last longer. code description size 100 pack, 81512 red FC, 81522 blue FC, 81532 green FC, 81592 purple FC, 81542 yellow FC, 81572 orange FC, 81529 grey FC, 81552 pink FC, 81533 light green FC, 81582 light blue FC, 81712 red A4, 81722 blue A4, 81732 green A4, 81742 yellow A4 20 pack, 88212 red FC, 88222 blue FC, 88232 green FC, 88292 purple FC, 88242 yellow FC, 88272 orange FC, 88282 light blue FC, Manilla files with laser labels (L7170TM) code description size 88300 buff FC, 88312 red FC, 88322 blue FC, 88350 assorted* FC