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There are different sizes; A1 is the most popular which would be considered the full size planner. Planners do sell out so to be happy it is best if you order next year’s planners in August or September and in most cases you will get what you order. If you need help please call us on 1300 659870 and ask, better to ask then order the wrong item. If you click on each item it will open to a new page showing all the product details you need, it will show size and describe what is included

Weekly Planners, Monthly Planners and Calendar Year Planners
Writeraze 10600, 10800, 11880, 11600, 12805, 09600, 11800, 13700, 16800, 12800, 03605, 16900, 12800, 03605, 16900

Sasco 10596, 10580, 10587, 10597, 10588, 10470, 10720, 136295

If the item says rolled then it does not have a carboard back and will roll up into a tube

Perpetual Year Planner  630x855mm and Kit magnetic 136295 Sasco

Perpetual Year Planner 630x855mm and Kit magnetic

SKU: 10252949 More Info.


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