Shiny Brand Stampers

Australian Office and Schools Suppliers

ShinyStamp In 1957, Shiny took its first step into the industry of rubber stampmanufacturing. Over the years, with the strong support of its clientele and staff, it has established a name for itself in the worldwide stamp making industry

Die Plate Stamp Faxed Shiney S67 - each
11% OFF RRP $11.70
Die Plate Stamp Received Shiny S69 - each
11% OFF RRP $11.70
Ink Pad Refill Shiny Black for S400 S409
8% OFF RRP $7.50
Numberer S-409 Self-Ink 6 Band 4mm Shiny S409 - Shiny
22% OFF RRP $36.50
Replacement Stamp pad for Shiny S402 red blue S4007D2C - each
11% OFF RRP $7.83
S300 Black Shiny Replacement Pad Shiny S30079 - each
11% OFF RRP $7.39
Shiny Stamp pad refill BLACK for S420 DIY Stamper is S4007B9 - each
11% OFF RRP $8.62
STAMP & LEARN Shiny SA-2 - each
20% OFF RRP $23.50
STAMP KIT D.I.Y. Shiny S-100 Printing S100
18% OFF RRP $36.52
STAMP KIT D.I.Y. Shiny S420 - DIY stampers, make your own stamps
22% OFF RRP $42.50
STAMP KIT D.I.Y. Shiny S600 - plate size 60x24
17% OFF RRP $91.50
Stamp Kit S-800 self inking - plate size is 47x18mm
11% OFF RRP $49.16
Stamp Pad Ink OIL BASED Shiny S161 15ml Black - each
22% OFF RRP $16.90
Stamp Pad Ink Refill Shiny 51mmx29mm For S823-7 BLACK - each
11% OFF RRP $11.09
Stamp pad Refill Black Shiny S82479 - each
11% OFF RRP $5.05
Stamp Pre-inked CONFIDENTIAL 1092 Red shiny stamper - each
11% OFF RRP $15.89