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2024 Kyoto Diaries by Collins

Support the environment with the Kyoto range - a series of cost-effective diaries, printed on recycled paper and completely carbon offset. They are bound in a smart, durable black cover with gold detail and a silk satin finish ribbon. The A4 and A5 one-day editions also feature full Saturday and Sunday pages, serving as the perfect companion to the range’s pocket and slimline editions.

• 3 Year Calendars
• Current and Forward Year Planners
• International Holidays
• International Dialling and Time Zone Map
• Staff Leave* and Financial Summary
• Addresses^ and Notes
* = Applicable to all products except 3133.P99, 3333.P99 and 3601.P99
^ = Applicable to all products except 3133.P99 and 3333.P99

3001.P99 A4 (297x210) Day to a Page (8am - 6pm, 1/2 hourly)
3201.P99 A4 (297x210) Week to View (8am - 7pm, hourly)
3301.P99 A5 (210x148) Day to a Page (7am - 8pm, hourly)
3501.P99 A5 (210x148) Week to View (9am - 5pm, hourly)
3601.P99 B6/7 (176x88) Week to View
3133.P99 A7 (105x74) Day to a Page
3333.P99 A7 (105x74) Week to View

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