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Memory - Flash & SD Cards USB Flash drives (also called jump drives, pen drives or thumb drives) come in all shapes, sizes, storage capacities and prices. The Amicroe USB range gives high flexibility on design, functionality and features. The most critical factors on USB Drives being reliability and data protection, Amicroe offers a full range of highly awarded USB products, well recognized for its secure data storage, protection and durability. Carry Your Media – Photos, music and videos files are easily transferred to USB storage devices. More and more public and retail outlets accept data transfer through USB drives for convenient and smooth data transfer, for instance in libraries or in photo shops. Security – USB flash drives can hold any type of data. Often valuable, personal or confidential data is stored and carried around for easy access. By encrypting data, it will be inaccessible without an encryption password. Where a USB drive may be lost, its data is still secure. State-of-the-art 256-bit encryption conforming to AES-256 standards (US - Advanced Encryption Standard) is available for selected Amicroe products. Most flash drives come as empty storage units; however some come preloaded with applications to store settings and favourites or to encrypt files. USB drives can be smart notebook replacements as they are smaller, lighter and a lot cheaper yet do most things a notebook can do, as long as application files have been preloaded.

 Flash Drive USB  8GB (no export) Worxio thumb drive
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 Flash Drive USB 16Gb - USB thumb drives
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 Flash Drive USB 32GB Skai Quality
33% OFF RRP $29.99
Flash Drive - 4 gig - USB - each
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Flash Drive - 4 gig - USB 4GB Verbatim Store N Go Pinstripe BLACK > 64055 - each
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Flash Drive - 8 gig USB - each
28% OFF RRP $15.89
Flash Drive 32 gig 32GB - USB - each
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Flash Drive USB 2.0 64GB Dyna Store  - each
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Flash Drive USB 64GB Skai Quality Black
46% OFF RRP $59.90
Flash Drive USB16GB Verbatim Pinstripe Store N Go 64057
5% OFF RRP $22.88
Memory Card SD - 8 Gb SD Card - each
11% OFF RRP $18.48
Memory Card SD 16 Gig SD Card - each
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Memory Card SD 16GB Verbatim - each
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Micro USB Drive Verbatim Store N Go 16GB Black 44050
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