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The VELCRO® brand is the original brand hook and loop fastener made with quality and reliability that you can depend upon. In 1974, Velcro Australia began operations in Victoria. Velcro Australia is now the central hub for the Velcro Group of companies throughout Australasia and the South Pacific region Mother Nature’s Invention… In the 1940’s, Swiss inventor George de Mestral was hiking and came home with cockleburs on his trousers. His microscope showed that cockleburs were covered with hundreds of tiny hooks and that his trousers were covered with hundreds of tiny loops. The hooks engaged the loops and stuck! de Mestral decided to turn his discovery into something useful. He perfected and patented a hook product and a loop product that mimicked the cocklebur and trouser combination. Nowadays, his invention is called “touch tape” or “hook and loop tape” or “hook and loop fastener”. The loop tape is soft and fuzzy while the hook tape has stiff little hooks on it. Hence the brand name “VELCRO”... derived from the French words “velour” meaning velvet and “crochet” to depict the hook tape. Today, what you know as “VELCRO” is the name of our company and the brand name for our fasteners, the resulting product is hook and loop.

Cable Ties 170mm (l) x 20mm (w) 200013 - pack 50
11% OFF RRP $22.30
Fasteners Recloseable Scotch 19mm x 457mm 7010 70005032241
5% OFF RRP $6.18
Velcro 25m roll Hook Only 25mm x2 5metre White - Roll * big roll V14748 43361
23% OFF RRP $130.00
Velcro 25m roll Loop Only 25x25m White - 25 mtres long V14848 43362
15% OFF RRP $136.00
Velcro Heavy Duty Hook Loop 50mm X 100mm Tape
17% OFF RRP $11.98
Velcro Hook Only Dots 22mm White Roll 900 45308 V28706
24% OFF RRP $130.00
Velcro Loop Only Dots 22mm White Roll 900 V28806 45338
19% OFF RRP $130.00
Velcro Spot Hook + Loop White 22mm x 12 Only Dots so 12 sets of 22mm hook and loop
23% OFF RRP $6.98
Velcro spot hook and loop 22mm - box 62 of both hook and loops round dots
21% OFF RRP $19.96
Velcro spot HOOK ONLY 22mm - box 125 hooks only dots spots circles 22mm round
35% OFF RRP $20.98
Velcro Strip Hook + Loop 20mm x 150mm Hangsell so a strip adhesive backed Sticky Back V24316
44% OFF RRP $6.98
Velcro STRIP hook and loop 19mm X 1.8metre - roll of both hooks and loops 19mm wide strips V20141
22% OFF RRP $20.98
Velcro STRIP hook ONLY 25mm x 3.6 Metre roll of hooks only 25mm wide roll V20140
22% OFF RRP $20.98