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Pens Pentel brand Pentel takes pride in the craftsmanship of every product. Every Pentel automatic pencil, pen, adhesive, correction fluid and art material are manufactured to conform to the ISO9001 standard, making Pentel the leader in quality manufacturing excellence. Each Pentel product is fully guaranteed for the life of the pen against failure due to defects in materials and workmanship. Pentel is the only writing instrument company in the world to be awarded the Deming Prize for excellence in Total Quality Control. Pentel is constantly improving and developing new products in order to maintain our position as the leading stationery manufacturer in the world. Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Collingwood Chesterhill Acacia Ridge

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Pens Ballpoint Black Pentel Impulse Lanyard BK96 1.0mm - box 12
11% OFF RRP $30.43
Pens Pentel BL60 Energel 1.0mm Black or Blue - box 12
11% OFF RRP $42.50
Pens Pentel Energel BL77 Retractable Rollerball Black Ink Pink Rollerboy - each
11% OFF RRP $7.15
Pens Pentel Sterling Ballpoint 0.8mm Brushed Steel B460 - each
11% OFF RRP $12.20
Pens Rolly 3 Colour -  Pentel BPC375 - box 10
11% OFF RRP $46.57